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cloth bags (set of 3)

cloth bags (set of 3)

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Cotton bags, which are perfect for carrying little to large somethings. They're made in cotton knit and can stretch and accommodate as need be.

A great sustainable solution, when it comes to carrying your own bag for grocery and fruit shopping, as opposed to one-time use n' throw plastic bags. 

These come in three natural shades : ecru: in unbleached organic cotton knit, olive green: dyed with hibiscus flowers, and blue: from natural Indigo extract



  • Stretchable cotton knit bag
  • Comes in set of 3


  • Hand wash with mild soap (ecru and green)
  • Scrunch softly before drying
  • Dry in shade
  • Natural Indigo bleeds and will lighten over time, from deep midnight blues to lighter softer blues, it needs to be washed separately. Add around 50ml of white vinegar to half a bucket of water and rinse, without soap. For removing stains, wash with pH-neutral soap and dry in shade.


Size in cms : circumference  : 100cms  strap length : 30-80 cms (customisable)


*To customise strap length, please mention in notes while placing an order








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