making memories with natural dyes and slow stitching

Kokūn ; The Label

We believe each of us has a sacred connection with nature, which is always in a constant flow.

Our name, 'Kokun,' seeks to be synonymous with nature's cocoon, symbolising transformation & growth. Akin to a cocoon's protective embrace, our designs seek to provide the same comfort & warmth.

Sustainable clothes that tell a story

From the organic fibers sourced, to the hands that skillfully bring them to life; with every stitch, we weave narratives of conscious craftsmanship; alongside stirring great conversations & curiosity amongst the unaware & encouraging a more thoughtful consumerism.

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To our roots of joy - you

Every purchase you make contributes to our endeavor of promoting ethical practices and supporting local artisans. Your commitment to sustainability empowers us to create responsibly made products that are not only beautiful but also environmentally conscious. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a more mindful world.

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"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." ~Lao Tzu

my local dye plants : 'tesu' aka flame of the forest

We dream in flowers, from foraged finds, homegrown native flowers to upcycling wedding and temple flowers; giving second life to them is where we found our 'ikigai'

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Do natural dyes fade away after washing?

Like any other being, naturally dyed clothes have a life of their own. They can live upto many washes, depending on the dye extract used. Some dyes, even after years, don’t fade away completely, but might shift colours, depending on the washing aid used. That being said, in comparison to synthetic chemical dyes, naturally dyed clothes, lighten faster.

Since we are a label that believes in long lasting sustainable pieces, we do not want our customers to face the issue of faded garments. When it comes to dyeing the garments for people to wear everyday, we try to use the most resilient natural dyes. Other than certain flower and neem dyes, which are fugitive in nature, we encourage use of more root dyes like 'Manjishta' (Maddar), ancient flower dyes of 'Palash' (flame of the forest), Indigo blue, Catechu and other mordanted natural dyes, which are long lasting.

If the issue of fading garments is something that’s holding you back from entering the beautiful world of natural dyeing, you can reach us via mail and we can custom make any kokūn garment on request, in another natural dye that is more resilient.

How to take care of naturally dyed clothes?

To make our naturally coloured clothes more long lasting, it is ideal to hand wash them separately in cool water, using a pH neutral soap. Without aggressive wringing. Scrunch them softly, and hang dry them (preferably inside out) in shade or indoor (drying them in direct sunlight can fade the colour rapidly). Please bear in mind to hang dry wovens and always flat dry knits.

With anything that is handmade gently, being gentle and treating it with care is essential.

Can I get training in the natural dyeing techniques? 

We provide free natural dyeing classes to marginalised women, who can eventually join kokūn and create with us.

For the rest, right now we do not have the capacity to offer trainings, as we need to focus on the sampling and production process. But we will definitely look forward to hosting online and offline dyeing classes soon.

Can I exchange my order if it’s not the right fit? 

We offer hassle free exchanges, when it comes to sizing. But if a design (existing or new) is custom made for you according to your body measurements, it will not be eligible for an exchange (especially if the measurements shared have an error, since the piece will not fit another person). We do however offer alterations, if need be.
The shipping charges for the return to our address will have to be borne by the customer. Incase of an error from our end, we will be happy to arrange a pickup or reimburse shipping cost for the return.

I am unsure of the size to order, as my measurements are not mentioned in your size guide.

We are a size inclusive label, which provides the option to custom make according to different bodies, at no additional charges. Please reach us with your measurements and we will take care of the rest. Incase you need any assistance with measuring, we will be happy to help you. We are just a message away :)

Can you customise a whole new design for me?

Certainly! Making new designs makes us very happy. Please read more about our custom making service here

Do you ship worldwide? How much time will it take for my order to reach me?

Kokūn travels worldwide. We deliver across oceans and mountains. Depending on the destination country, it takes 10-15 days of transit time to reach EU and USA. Asian countries can expect shorter transit time within 5-7 days. We also offer express shipping for International customers, which 4-7 days transit time. Please read about our shipping policy here