essence of small slow handmade

Kokūn is intuitively drawn to nature in its inspiration and processes. Resulting in unique pieces, very unlike something mass-produced or picked from a mall.

- Each piece will have its own distinct character and no piece will be identical to another (staying true to the characteristics of handmade, natural fabrics and colors)

- Please note that minor variation in color and print is probable (depending on the nature of extracts used)

- Like anything found in nature, natural colors also have a life of their own and may vary or fade with time. It is important to treat these meaningful pieces with affection and care. 

- Natural dyes, also known as living color, react to the things they bond with (example - while washing, keep your naturally dyed fabrics/garments away from harsh detergents and soaps which are basic and acidic in nature - a mild pH neutral soap is recommended for best wash care results.

- We encourage slow and small produce, as most of the designs are made individually on order by hand. This helps us minimize waste; bearing this in mind please allow 10-15 days for your garments/textiles to be processed.