Custom size and design

Ordering a custom design

We embrace how uniquely our bodies are shaped, making us who we are - different yet alike in many ways.

The same goes for the garments we create, which are much like living beings for us. Most of our designs are made on order, which gives us the opportunity to personalize each garment uniquely for the wearer’s body and fit preferences and ultimately gives you (and us) a more fulfilling experience.

Custom requests - existing designs

Depending on the design, to get an ideal fit, we will need basic measurements of chest, waist and hip from you. Along-with, length of the garment or height of the wearer, in the notes section while placing an order.

we usually need

 - Body round measurements- chest, waist and hip

-  Height of the wearer

- Fit preference (snug, relaxed, oversized)

Once you share your body measurements with us, we tweak the standard size charts and custom make uniquely. (At no additional charges)

On requests, we also personalise garments as desired like  - increasing sleeve lengths, reducing overall lengths, sometimes even making the garment in your desired colour. (additional charges might apply)

Custom requests new designs

We create and colour all our textiles, adding life to them from blank canvases in unbleached ecrus to unique renditions of nature. We use dye plants from our garden, thereby making every tiny piece of fabric exclusive to kokūn

There are always endless possibilities for creative beings. It is encouraging to see that you trust us when you tell us about yourself and allow us to create extensions of yourself in kokūn.

You can scroll through our textiles, Instagram feed and webshop, and if you find something that we can develop from an idea to the final garment, do not hesitate to fill us in.

It’s exciting when you come up to us and tell us what to create with kokūn fabrics and unique colors. So if you have any crazy ideas, we are here to execute them :)

custom requests are welcome (please allow us ample time to fulfil these)


Please provide accurate body measurements, or refer to our size guide. Incase you have any confusion regarding the measurement to be taken, please do not hesitate to reach us via email/DM/WhatsApp.